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Greatest Powerful International Soul Winning Ministries.

To the Glory of Him whose NAME is above all names  

We invite you to buy one of our books, Our books that are available are!

1. Powerful Inspiration, this book is filled with lot of inspirational messages.

2. Powerful Prayer Book

Like: Quote about God Love, Inspiration about giving, Believe the good, Blessing, Inspiration about Wisdom, Inspiration about character, Happiness and many more! Grap a copy, for is worth to have it!

To order one, email to us, shalomk@webmail.co.za. The book is R20 including post is R22. Editor Katlego! Have a copy of this powerful, inspirational, motivating and hope giving book.

Many books are coming! Home of Righteousness is a Ministry for the generation, which is impacting the whole world with the good news of salvation and billions of souls world wide are coming in the Kingdom of God! Glory to God.

3. Powerful Scriptural Confession

Is a wonderful book.


Jesus is Lord!!!