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Greatest Powerful International Soul Winning Ministries.

To the Glory of Him whose NAME is above all names  


A Great Revival

For I will cause light to be made available to thee, that you will open your eyes up and will clearly see. I have prepared these days for you. So whatever you are stuck in or behind, get ready because I am going to bring you on through. For in these awesome times that are to come before you this day, please understand before you were born I had already paved the way. For this way that you will travel and walk according to My Word, then I will be able to bless you and encourage you and prosper you as you have heard. For times are coming, days that you have never seen before, but if you will walk with Me and stand in My way, Iíll be able to give you more and more. But it is your heart that I seek and your obedience to what I have said for you to walk in My love and not make it a dread. For I have called you this day and you are born for this very hour. I have ordained you church, I have ordained you My sons and daughters to demonstrate and walk in Holy Ghost power. Now allow yourself to be equipped and hear the words that I say to thee.

Do not be concerned about the enemies or the devil for I will take care of him and cause him to flee. Now these are times that are scheduled in My hand. For I am about to bring My body into a prosperous land. So take off the mask and pretend no more. Find yourself praying on your bedroom floor. For I am ready to stand in you and I am ready to reveal precious secrets. You are My hands, My feet. You are My body. So I am to work while deception increases more and more, I told you that. I showed you that. So prepare yourself, purify your house, get it in order for I will not back up. More and more have I desired to work through thee for this wicked generation must now see Me. They will see Me through you and the love that you walk in.

A great revival amongst My church I will begin. For many have known Me, accepted Me, pray to Me and call Me Lord. I love thee more and more. So forget not this night and send all your worries and concerns to flight. For I can speak to you words that will direct you, lead you and guide you. If you would call upon Me in praise and great joy, submit unto Me, come with humble hearts and walk in child-like faith, Iíll cause these days, hours, minutes and seconds, Iíll call this time to be more glorious and awesome. And Iíll give you joy that you canít express. For these are My days when I will increase in My power, in My manifestation in these last precious hours. For My Son will return and no man knows the day or the hour, but I will reveal to My prophets and like in other times theyíll know and you will. So, prepare yourselves. Look up and expect for these days will be great times of victory. Donít focus on the judgment thatís outside the cloud. Focus on My Word and I will cause rough areas in your life to be mild.

The Law of Love

For these seasons are coming in a new kind of way, times that you'll never forget as sin will begin to sway. And you'll know Me and My power and might, and I'll begin to give you revelation sight. And you'll see beyond the things that you have heard and the things that you've experienced, for I'm about to come like a flood. I'm about to come in these last days, and I will show out like I did when I delivered Israel out of bondageófor I'm about to deliver you out of your bondage, saith the King of kings. And many will know and they will seeóand then they will understand thatís because of Me. And I will cause My might to be seen through you, and I'll take you out of every tribulation; I'm the One that will bring you through. So begin to expect and rejoice from these words and begin to walk in the things that you've heardófor this will be My time to show all mankind the power, the might and the fire that I've left behind. Oh, My glory will glow and it shall be shown; but My love you'll know, because I'm about to turn you into My clone. So rejoice and be glad for the things that are about to hit your house, for My gloryóMy gloryóMy glory shall be made real, and you'll see it without a doubt.

The Great Turnaround

"For these days have been prepared and called into being. They are on My plan," saith the Lord. "And in every generation I have appointed a carpenter. And yea, today I call you as carpenters into this time. For these are the days where I'm about to do a great turnaround, so don't be deceived by what you see with your eyes and hear with your ears. For I'm about to do a turnaround, and in this I will cause My anointing to rest upon you."

"Men of this world will see you in your prosperity. I will give you double for your trouble and I will cause increase to be an everyday affair with you who will walk faithfully with Me. For I have not forgotten My Word and neither have I become blind to My plan. For I will cause My manifestations to rise up out of you out of your house and even out of your children. And those that will see you in your prosperity will have to finally admit that the blessing is upon your life."

"For I have said, even from early days that all families of the earth shall be blessed. Now prepare yourself for the blessing is upon you, but I'm now about to cause fruit from that blessing to come on you and it shall be seen. Prepare yourself to walk in high places. Prepare yourself to dwell in wealthy places. Prepare yourself to ride prosperously. For I am about to do My finest work with you and I'm about to show out through you. When men look at you they will have to say, 'Those are the ones who've been blessed by God.'"

"Now when you hear this, you'll say, 'This is the Lord's doing and it's marvelous in our eyes. For Christ is upon me and He has blessed me and He has empowered me. All that I have belongs to Him. And I freely give Him all those things."

"Rejoice," saith the Spirit of God. "Your hour is among you."

"Rejoice," saith the Spirit of the Lord, "For those things that I have promised unto you shall come unto you and your family. And your children shall walk in it. So be glad and don't stay in a mental, oppressed state. Come on out. It's party time in the Kingdom," saith the Spirit of the Lord.

I declare the great turnaround has begun! 

The Favor Acceleration

Expect an acceleration of favor this summer. Expect it. Expect it. And once you get into this acceleration, there will be a momentum like a snowball thatís rolling down the hill. And youíll begin to collect more favor and more goodness and more favor and more goodness. Youíll move into 2007. And for those of us who will start the momentum now, 2007 is going to be like heaven. Weíre going to see the glory of the Lord!

How do you get there? You get in the secret place and you read the Word. Read it and study it and listen to tapes. Read it and study it and listen to the tapes. Read it and study it until itís all coming out of you. No more doubt will come out of you because itís not in you anymore. What you eat is whatís going to come out of you. If you eat it, itís going to come out. If you eat it, itís going to come out. If you eat it, itís going to come out, until your co-workers look at you strange. If you eat it, itís going to come out, until your mother and family look at you like, ďWhat have you been doing?Ē You eat it and then it just comes out. While theyíre sitting there calling you weird, theyíre going to have to notice that things have gotten better around you. Thatís how we live.

Faithfulness: The Mark Of A Born Again Believer

ÖNow is the time to pray. Pray, pray, pray like never before. Great attack is coming against [My people]. Great attack is coming against [this] nation, but now is the time for the Body of Christ, like never before, to pray and seek [My] face.

ÖWho will be able to intervene without the prayers of the righteous? The heartfelt continued prayer.

Pray, pray, pray. I need a man to stand in the gap. Pray, My people. Pray, My church. And then I'll begin to move in depths and heights unlike you've known, unlike you've seen. This is My great time to return, but I must be prepared in My returning. I need a people to stand in the gap. Pray, pray and seek My face.